Rediscovered: SCHAFT – The Hero Inside

Come here a moment, and watch this:

1994 live footage of Schaft, a Japanese musical side project of Soft Ballet’s Fujii Maki, Imai Hisashi of Buck-Tick, and Raymond Watts (KMFDM, Pig). It sounds approximately like Johnny Rotten snarling over How Soon Is Now, interrupted by Corey Taylor and a Japanese movie soundtrack that wandered onto the wrong stage by mistake. Although that description might be slightly off. Ah, just click ‘play’.

To hear Raymond’s explanation of his work in Japan, here’s an interview with another international project, Schwein, also featuring Imai. The clips with Imai and Atsushi Sakurai are in Japanese, but Sacha Konietzko and Raymond speak English. Raymond’s just so OTT, you gotta love him (his bit starts at 6’29”). “Bake a new cake”, indeed!

The Hero Inside was the best Schaft track I heard because it was catchy and that bit different. Other tracks like Cold Light and Thirsty Fly rocked in their own mid-90s way, but weren’t majorly innovative, which is why I never really got into them, but Hero Inside was a song that stayed with me since I heard it.

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