2010 so far: The elephant in the room

A recent episode of X-Play described the high points (Heavy Rain) and the low points (Alien vs Predator) so far in the year in gaming. Morgan described Mass Effect 2 as “the elephant in the room”.

I thought that was pretty apt, because ME2 was a complete curveball – an obvious Game of the Year that came out in January: I mean, this was one of the best freaking games I’ve ever played! We all knew it would be good, but the surprise was how good.

So it comes to this clip to show anyone who’s not played the game how awesome it is. What I love about it is that it shows how all the elements of the game pull together, from dialogue to combat, as well as being something that works cinematically and emotionally as a scene. It’s as fun to watch as it is to play.

The problem is whether you’d perceive it as a spoiler. It’s a minor spoiler at most – the sort of late-stage clip someone will throw into a film trailer that you know comes towards the end of the movie but doesn’t show the final outcome. The beauty of it being a game is that – even during the cutscene – every player will have a different experience at that point of the game because every little decision you made will have an impact on how that plays out. If you play Shepard as a gruff male instead of a pretty girl; if you were noble or nasty; even down to whether you upgraded the shields or not, this scene is going to go differently for you. This is just the getting-to-the-climactic-fight bit – the final assault hasn’t even begun.

Anyone else planning to release something awesome in 2010 has a lot to catch up on …


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