I don’t know what this is …

There were a handful of songs I really loved in the 90s and I suspect the reason they never got really popular was because nobody knew what to do with them. Too hard for indie, too rock for industrial, they just didn’t fit into any of the popular scenes at the time. If you missed them, you missed out.

Cop Shoot Cop – $10 Bill

Until last night, I’d never heard anything else by Cop Shoot Cop, but even nearly two decades later I could still remember all the words to this song, despite only having heard it a couple of times back in ’93. It’s just that catchy. Apparently people used to describe CSC as “industrial”, but I just don’t hear that at all – no metallic clanging or synths, for one. It’s just f***ing brutal rock music.

King Missile – Martin Scorsese

Ah, this song is just not the same without all the expletives – and there were a lot in this song. It’s still great, and the lyrics are hilarious. The whole album was just unforgettable, especially single Detachable Penis.

Silverfish – Big Bad Baby Pig Squeal

I used to absolutely love this group. They garnered a lot of favourable press coverage at the time, and were certainly well enough liked, but again didn’t get as big as they should have been because they weren’t neatly classifiable. Hard to believe they were on Creation Records – who shortly thereafter dropped all their interesting acts to sign a dozen bland Oasis clones. Hips Tits Lips Power is also a track Lesley sang in Pigface, as a duet with Mary Byker.

Girls Against Boys – Kill The Sexplayer

“Kill the bass player/kill both bass players” is one of the coolest lyrics of all time. I can’t think of too many bands – really just them and Cop Shoot Cop – who had two bass players.

Skyscraper – Lovesick

LOVESICK – myspace player <— CLICKY

Formed by Swervedriver’s Adi Vines and Milk’s Vic Kemlicz, Skyscraper were described as “Ministry played by humans”, and despite some high profile tours with Killing Joke and Rage Against the Machine, they had a mystifying lack of success. I rank my last conversation with Adi as probably the most mortifying discussion I’ve ever had:
Me: How’s the band?
Him: We broke up.
Me: Sorry to hear that. How’s the job?
Him: Laid off.
Me. That sucks. How’s the wife?
Him: We broke up.
Me: Wow. Um. I’m sorry …
(I didn’t ask about his health.)

Apparently Adi’s spent the last decade or so as a guitar technician for some of the world’s biggest bands. As someone I always really personally liked, I hope that he’s feeling somewhat luckier these days …

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