Memory Lane: Cubanate (another one) pt 2





The Night We Trashed The Hotel

“Julian Beeston, he’s quite rock’n’roll. He’s been on Depeche Mode tours with Nitzer Ebb. Jools lobbed a TV through a window. Rock’n’roll cliché to the max. That was the worst. Jools said, “Guys, we can’t be wusses. We’re just not wrecking hotel rooms. So we all pooled together some money, lobbed the TV set out the window, just did the standard things, just so we could say we did it. Roddy wanted porn on his TV that night. He paid twelve bucks to get the porn channel and then complained to the hotel management that it wasn’t giving him an erection, and got his money back.”

By the end of the tour, all you want is a house in the country, picket fence, kids, dog. “You never want to leave the country again,” says Marc, “You want to be settled with 2.4 kids, it really does drive you to becoming an accountant with a Volvo. You do become rock’n’rolled out. One thing about touring, which is always fun, is that there is always a new scene every day. There’s always a new place every day. I think that, at a larger level, if you’re playing stadiums, you don’t see any of the town, whereas if you are playing to 500 people, you actually get to see and meet people, and that’s quite cool.”

The Night I Nearly Died, Part One

“We went to South Africa, to Johannesburg. A thousand people rocking out to Cubanate. Somebody was killed outside the club, the club owner was killed the week after we left, and I had guns pulled on me twice. One was like a Pulp Fiction thing, we were in the back of the car, there was a guy driving and our minder for that evening was a complete psycho with two very, very large handguns. Roddy had drunk a bottle of vodka and started sticking his arse out of the window at cars going by, and he pulled out this gun at Roddy and told him to sit down, because he was carrying so much cocaine that he didn’t want the police to stop him. Complete coke paranoia. Having a gun pointed at your face a la Pulp Fiction, I have to admit, some of my bravado did escape me that night. I was going, “Sit down, Roddy, and shut the f*** up!” I was replaying that scene, because I love that movie, you know, I just shot Marvin in the face!”

The Night I Nearly Died, Part Two

“The second time was outside the club. This guy drove down the street, and did a very sharp U-turn at the end, and all of a sudden these policemen run into the road and shouts something into a megaphone. The guy shouts something back, and all of a sudden, the policemen drop down to their knees and just shoot this guy dead. Literally, right in front of us. The guy inside the club said, “Didn’t you hear the sirens?” and I thought it was a really interesting reflection. In London, when you hear a siren, it’s like, ooh, what’s going on? In Johannesburg when you hear a siren, you hit the f***ing deck. And two weeks later, the guy who put the gig on was shot.”

The Night I Nearly Died, Part Three…

Still, even this isn’t the scariest thing to ever happen to Marc. “I collapsed in New York once, just before a C-Tec gig. I don’t know what it was, exhaustion or something, and I couldn’t breathe. I started having pains down one side of my chest. I was staying with a girlfriend in New York, and I couldn’t get my breath at all. They took me to the hospital, and I seriously thought I was brown bread, basically. They kept me under observation for the whole day, and I went to the gig with all the monitoring pads all over me. That was f***ing scary. Being so far from home, and they make you sign a form, even when you’re on the gurney, because they have to make sure that they’re covered. That was bad.”

Fear Factors

“Some of the kids, especially in the States, are quite extreme. Which is kind of cool, but it can lead to some insane situations. Again, that’s half the fun and half the weirdness of the whole thing. This really big guy came up to me at a gig and said, “I’m in the American air force and I fly Apache attack helicopters. I’ve had this CD installed in the cockpit of my helicopter – whenever I’m on training exercises I play The Lord of the Flies. Whenever I destroy something, I blow it up as I press the button, I shout, “I am the Lord of the Flies!” before I blow it away.” Oh. My. God. What the f*** have I inspired here? That was a bit worrying, I suppose. And obviously in Germany, some of the right wing element are a bit close to the knuckle. I don’t think we’re necessarily favoured. There was a Nazi Top 100 albums and Barbarossa is number 58 or something, on a website somebody told me they’d found. So we’re in there somewhere – not through my choice. I suppose Nazis have to listen to something. Beats Wagner, I suppose.”

My First Autograph

“Couldn’t have been cooler. I was out on a first date and it was the first single. It was really bizarre because I didn’t think anybody knew it was out. I was in the queue for a gig with this girl, and a little Japanese girl came up to me with a copy of Antimatter and said, “please sign this.” My girlfriend said to me “Did you pay that girl to do that, because it looked so appallingly posey.” It’s true, I swear to God, it was genuine.”


“I was backstage at an Erasure gig some years ago, and I couldn’t wear my contact lenses so I was very blind. I got talking to this girl, and she had really beautiful, lovely eyes, I was just larging out generally, and chatting her up, getting on really, really well, and all of a sudden I realised as I got close to her, as I leaned in for a kiss, “Oh my God, you’re Alison Moyet!” She went, “Yeah,” and I was so freaked out, that I became an idiot.”


“I think that Andrew Eldritch is an extraordinarily cool individual. He is the coolest person I have met, because I thought it was all going to be an act. It isn’t, or if it is, it’s just a superlative one. When we played with the Sisters, word came through from the Sisters dressing room, has anyone got any speed? Andrew wants some speed. So, I just happened to have some speed on me, so I went in, and there was Eldritch there like some sort of king, with all these gorgeous gothettes all draped around the room. So, I chopped him out a line, and he said, “I knew I chose the right support band.” When we were soundchecking, he was standing by the side of the stage, so I thought I’d better go and say “Hi” and be sociable. So, I said, “Hi Andrew, thanks for having us, you know,” and he said, “The Sisters of Mercy like Cubanate.” I started laughing, saying, “That’s, uh, great, Cubanate like the Sisters of Mercy. Fancy a shag?” and he said, “Maybe later.” That man’s cool. He’s the only man who’s ever worn a Hawaiian shirt and looked cool. The only man who can wear pointy shoes and look cool. Him and Nick Cave are the only exceptions.”

Have you ever had a serious Goth phase?

“I’ve had a gothette phase, but that’s another story. I went for an audition for this band called Nosferatu, with the lead singer, and I just couldn’t take him seriously. It’s the middle of a steaming hot summer day, and they’re dressed in, like, ruffs, with makeup on. I’m just, like, guys, I can’t take you seriously at all. I’m not religious, I can’t get into all the ghosts and ghoulies side of it. I think that’s all laughable, quite frankly. To be honest, I prefer the fashion on women, I think gothettes can look incredibly cool. But there’s something about gothy blokes that is just… not on. Sorry.”

The Future

Marc’s plans for the future involve various side projects in which he can explore different musical styles, “just trying to do something good.” He despises the shallow commercialism of artists who make music purely to make money. One of his current collaborators won the German equivalent of Popstars, although Marc maintains his interest in music is very genuine. Of the new Cubanate album, Marc says, “I’m sorry that it’s taking some time, but I do want to do something good. That’s why it’s taking some time…”

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