Dorian Gray

So, it’s our anniversary this weekend, and I stocked up the house with food and wine, chocolates and rented movies. Him Indoors bought the Harold & Kumar DVD (one of our favourite movies), but thinking that it wasn’t going to be more than a two-star film, we watched Dorian Gray this afternoon, planning to see the better films later.



The first thing I noticed was the magnificent cinematography – it’s beautifully filmed in shades of blue. The casting is absolutely perfect – I didn’t think I’d heard of Ben Barnes before (he’s actually “Young Dunstan” (the guy from the prologue) in Stardust), but he’s both exquisitely beautiful and can look creepy on cue. Colin Firth, Rebecca Hall, Ben Chaplin and Rachel Hurd-Wood are the main supports and they’re all great.

The best way I can sum up this version of Dorian Gray is that there’s nothing wrong with it. The plot does deviate from Oscar Wilde’s original story, but both the sparkling wit and gothic horror are intact. All in all, a welcome surprise.

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