Crazy Penguin Catapult 2

One serious downside to being in the new house is that we don’t have an internet connection yet, which means I get very bored very quickly. Fortunately, my Samsung Genio (Corby) Touch has a decent range of games out for it by now, which means that I can at least have something to play when Him Indoors is watching the football (yawn).



This is exactly what the game looks and sounds like on my phone – so I’m fairly impressed by that – and the gameplay is super-fun. It falls somewhere between Crush The Castle, Peggle and Worms, and is just as endearing. It’s certainly something I foresee as being an enjoyable time-suck in bored moments when I can’t concentrate enough to read. It’s out on mobile phones and iphone, so if you’re looking for something to occupy your thumbs, this is a great little buy.

Usefully, there’s an online version for you to try out here.


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