Adventures In Music: Reading 2010 – Saturday



Arcade Fire
sh*te! I haven’t even heard of the headliners! They’re not very interesting – just extremely standard indie.

The Libertines
I instinctively hate this lot on principle because they’re famous solely for their lead singer dating a supermodel *yawn* and having a heroin habit *double-yawn*. That’s like famous for … being a polar bear, except Knut the bear isn’t interestingly insane; it’s just bored. Like I am, a few bars into this song.

Dizzee Rascal
I’ll say this much, it’s pretty catchy in an obvious sort of way. It reminds me of being at the youth disco I used to go to when I was 12 or so. I remember winning a KMFDM single in a dance competition and giving it to a boy I fancied. What the hell was I thinking? Dizzee? I think I’ll have forgotten this the minute it’s over, but I don’t hate it.

The Cribs
Apparently Johnny Marr’s their guitarist, which doesn’t sway my opinion of them one way or the other. Neither does this song. Average.

The Maccabees
The NME reckons this is the best indie has to offer right now. Oh dear. Why am I thinking Kitchens of Distinction?

Modest Mouse

Again, I’ve dimly heard of this lot, but I know why I’ve never gone ape over them. You know it’s bad when you have to root around for anything interesting enough to link to.

The Gaslight Anthem
Well, I haven’t yoinked it from the player yet, but I also actually forgot it was playing.

Mystery Jets
They have the crappiest, weakest endorsement from the Reading brochure. However, I’m intrigued by the hair in the video. If you didn’t know better, you’d think they were a band from the 80s you’d forgotten about because they didn’t make a strong enough impression. (*listens to other tracks*) Same opinion.

The Futureheads

I dimly remember The Futureheads being one of a slew of sub-Joy Division/Magazine-type bands to come out a while back. They were neither brilliant nor terrible. If I was at the Reading Festival, I’d watch them but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them otherwise.

The Walkmen
Unusually vague description on the brochure. They’re a bit folksy, a bit Poguesy, but it has a basically indefinable quality. It’s basically indie rock, but a cut above the usual sh*te. Not something I’d go nuts over, though.



Him Indoors likes this, which makes me think they could be good, since he likes about 80% of the same stuff as me. He also likes Def Leppard, though, and there we must part. Yeah, it’s really good as far as D&B club music goes, but I left that stuff behind in about ’96.

Enter Shikara

Crystal Castles
Pretty standard bleepy stuff.

Serj Tankian

Oooh! It’s thingy from System of a Down! Here’s the thing: I don’t really like, and have never liked, SOAD, but they are such a cut above all the s*** I’ve heard so far that this sounds epic in comparison. This, kids, is how you wind up reading 10/10 reviews to really average records – it’s because they’ve been subjected to so many rubbish ones beforehand that the minute anything remotely interesting comes along, you just want to kiss it.

Frank Turner
Is it bad that I had that involuntary shudder when I heard the words ‘singer-songwriter’? Normally those lyrics would make me smile, but this time they just make me groan. Why do I feel soooo jaded?

Kids In Glass Houses


I don’t want to kill this band dead! HOORAY!
Dear God … is this what I’ve come to? Kill me dead …

28 million f***ing VIEWS? Wow! Bland club music.

Band of Skulls
“WoW – these sound a lot like the White Stripes”. Who I think are rubbish.

Everything Everything

Rolo Tomassi
Playing various tracks, I can see he covers a wide variety of styles, but nothing that I actually like. Shame.


Bad Religion
Almost shockingly bland, given their 30-year history. They do what they do.

The Get Up Kids

Cancer Bats
Hardcore from Toronto. Competent.

Ska/hip-hop crew. Fun but ultimately uninspiring

Crime In Stereo

RX Bandits
Bog-standard indie pop with math-rock elements

The Rats
(No results)

Trash Talk
It’s just noise to me

Paint It Black
Again, just noise

Off With Their Heads
Very standard

Moral Dilemma
(not found)


They still going? Veeerrry bland

Atari Teenage Riot
I remember thinking they were rubbish when they supported NIN

The Black Angels

Somewhere between Velvet Underground and Can, very able but completely derivative

Fight Like Apes

UK hip-hop always sounds laughably inauthentic, somehow – especially when he tries to use the ultra-taboo N-word. I mean, it’s way more shocking than the c-word these days, but it seems somehow limp when someone tries to “reclaim” it in a country that never embraced the term anyway, especially with the stupidly random homophobia. I’m thinking Ali G by this point.

Darwin Deez

Chapel Club
I really need to hand that time machine back some time. But not before I’ve hopped back to the mid-90s and jumped the bones of my alt-rock idols of the time. This music, I can live without.

OMG! They’re so earnest! No wonder The Guardian love them. Heard too many like it.

Alberta Cross

This funky folk-rock is charming in a derivative kind of way

I Blame Coco
This act is more usually associated with reggae pop; this robotic pop song is … robotic

Freelance Whales
“dreamlike pop”

(not found)


The Crookes
“C86’dness” is apparently a word. Who knew?

2 comments on “Adventures In Music: Reading 2010 – Saturday

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  2. looks like a quite good line-up, I think it will be great for the Libertines to perform live together again

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