So Marc from Cubanate’s being wittering away on Tumblr about the good old days *creak* when he hung out with Judda and Pig.

I don’t particularly remember the former, but I’ve been recalling the latter for a while now and have developed something of a craving for those old Raymond Watts releases.

Unfortunately, all but the very latest Pig records are almost impossible to find these days, even insofar as Amazon downloads being blocked from this country. It does seem ridiculous that I can’t legally purchase songs in this country from someone who lives less than 80 miles away.

Trawling for CDs on Ebay seems my best bet, but if the £20 for JG Thirlwell’s Hydroze Plus single made my eyes water (“I’d expect sexual favours for that price!”), you can only imagine my reaction to finding Pig’s S*** For Brains retailing at £99.99.

For that price, I could get a taxi from home to the railway station, get on a train, get a cab the other side, knock on Raymond’s door, take him out for a slap-up meal and ask him to sing each and every f***ing song to me over a plate of tiramasu.



I don’t mind paying £6.99 for an album (that’s great – that’s cheap! It just means I can buy more), and I’d be quite prepared to pay £10 or £11, but there has to be a point where a line is drawn and you say “no more”. Where the laws of supply and demand are revealed as crude exploitation.

Even so, Raymond, if you’re reading this: sort out your f***ing distribution or I’ll be testing the protective value of your ludicrously oversized codpiece.

(Just kidding, mate. Love ya really.)

Porcine disappointment aside, it does lead me to an interesting thought: the problem with Ebay is that you have to keep checking day after day to see when and if the object of your fancy becomes available. Shouldn’t there be a site where it’s the other way around? I would like to buy the following releases by Pig, and it would just be so easy if I could just list them on a site saying “I want these: lowest bidder wins my custom”:

Praise the Lard
A Stroll in the Pork
The Swining

Fortunately, I’ve just seen three of them in a bundle deal that my very kind friend Scott is prepared to receive in the US and then ship onto me in the UK, at a frankly frightening cost when all things are considered. It’s a royal pain in the tail for all concerned, but some records are just too good not to own.

:edit: I had assumed that anyone reading this would “get” my sense of humour and know that I wasn’t of course demanding that Raymond miraculously whips major label-style distribution out of thin air. I know how it works well enough to be fully aware that these things are very difficult (though often not impossible).

There is a coda to all this, in that I was recently irritated by some snarky, demanding comments made to me about some of my video game modifications (mods). My initial, instinctive reaction was to think, “F*** off! I don’t make these mods for you! If was the sort of person who catered to the random whims of other people, then my mods would be very different – bland crowd-pleasers indistinguishable from others of their kind, rather than eccentric flights of fancy that are simply not to everyone’s taste.” So yes, I can empathise, but I can also empathise to some extent with the frustration of the end user, who just wants to get on with enjoying something without sparing a thought for why they can’t just have what they want.

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