Just released! Foetus ‘HIDE’

So, after months of waiting for me and years of waiting for everyone else, Foetus.org has proudly released HIDE. It’s going to take anywhere between a week and a month to wend its way to me from JG Thirlwell’s Brooklyn magic shop, so I can’t tell you very accurately what it sounds like yet. The preview clips I listened to on the site while I was gleefully throwing my money at Ectopic Ents and yelling “GIMME GIMME GIMME!” sounded exactly how I thought they would, only more so.

In other words, it’s a cross between this (wow – check out the similar imagery in the artwork!):






and this



Can’t. Bloody. Wait.

(While I’m hopping impatiently from foot to foot, why not pop over to Foetus.org, check out the preview clips for yourself and order the album?)

2 comments on “Just released! Foetus ‘HIDE’

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  2. i can’t stop playing the the clip of putrid sun, jgt always comes through with the goods!

    foetus forever!

    +that cardiacs gig is ace


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