Top 10 Posts March-September

This little blog has been going six months now, and I just had a little look to see which posts had attracted the most attention. There were some surprises among the list, especially among the posts that didn’t get many views on their first day but crept up slowly over time. I keep in mind Jerry’s advice about blogs needing six months to establish themselves, and I’ve done almost nothing to promote the site, so it’s perhaps surprising it’s had as many views as it’s received. The main point is (and I remind myself of this often) that I’m enjoying the process of writing about the things I genuinely love here. If you stumble across your new favourite album, game or show through reading these pages, so much the better.

1. 10 Sexiest Nerds
That was just done on a whim. What can I say? I love brainy cuties!

2. How to be a rich, famous rock star
My husband (not rich or famous, but definitely rocking) suggested this one after becoming frustrated by people’s apparent ignorance about how “being in a band” really works. He says it’s changing pretty fast out there so I’ll probably have to follow it up some time in the future. For example, in my day *creak*, a standard demo tape (yes, cassette!) had only three tracks …

3. Foetus: 1996
I’m very conflicted about this particular article, because it’s not wholly flattering (on either him or me) and did offer to remove it if asked. Nothing’s been said, though, so I guess it’s OK – but at least I got to paint a better picture later on.

4. Love, Flow and other great moments
My first post! Really written as a stream of consciousness after a nine-year hiatus from taking much interest in music. I’m certainly glad I stuck with the Foetus, since I’ve gained so much pleasure from checking out his enormous catalogue, though I do wince every time I note the reference to him “being old”, since recent live footage (of Steroid Maximus) shows he both looks great and has as much energy as ever.

5. Fan Art: TheMinttu
I do get a kick out of those pictures.

6. Memory Lane: Raymond Watts
One of my favourite interviews. I still hear Raymond’s clipped English tones in my head whenever I read that – it’s a shame I couldn’t communicate how he rolls his Rs (“I had no great desire to thrrrrrust myself out”) like a great Shakespearean actor.

7. My First Gigs
I’d forgotten about that one.

8. Memory Lane: Skinny Puppy
… Whereas I don’t think I’ll ever forget that one! I’m very glad that Ogre and cEvin resolved their differences and are playing together again.

9. 6 Reasons You Should Be Listening To Foetus
I sincerely hope I’m not just preaching to the choir on that one, since anyone unfamiliar with this music needs to check it out.

10. The Echo Wall: These Shipwrecked Words
Good that people are taking notice of this excellent band.

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