5 Great Faith No More Moments

In a separate conversation on Facebook regarding influences, someone denounced Mike Patton’s output as “s***”, which stunned me because I have never in my whole life ever encountered anyone who doesn’t like Faith No More. Even my mother liked them. It would be almost like saying you didn’t like The Beatles, only I know quite a few people who regard them as overrated.

I must admit I’ve not really checked out Patton’s various projects such as Tomahawk or Mr Bungle, or his solo stuff on Ipecac (to be honest, the idea of someone grunting and shrieking into a microphone with no actual music or singing didn’t really appeal). Faith No More, however, provided a merry soundtrack to my youth and I still enjoy giving their fabulous greatest hits collection a spin.

Let’s remind ourselves of some of their more magic moments …


I saw the video for Epic on The ITV Chart Show in 1989 and it was the most awesome thing I’d ever witnessed. The guitar solo is just magic. I did rather wish Patton would stop gurning though.


From 1997’s Album of the Year, Stripsearch – a mellow trip-hop style chill-out track – is perfect for late nights. I always really liked the bass on this song.

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Cynicism is not wisdom

“I’m a professional cynic but my heart’s not in it” – Blur, Country House

Mof Gimmers wrote an interesting response to Everett True’s advice for aspiring music critics and again it affected me very deeply because of all the reasons I got out. I think there are wider questions too, which cut right to the heart of the sort of people we are.

There might be 10 kinds of people when it comes to binary, but cynicism is a sliding scale. Both extremes are painful to witness – either those so bitter you wonder how they get up in the morning, or those so cheerfully deluded it’s like watching a car crash in slow motion.

I once heard some great advice: “never mistake cycnicism for wisdom”.

Most of us manage to strike some kind of balance between optimism and cynicism. Wear sunglasses, but pack an umbrella. Do you think most people are basically OK, or that humanity is a cesspool? When you walk into a room, do you assume that you’ll like most of the people in it, and that they’ll like you?

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