5 Great Moments From Fallout 3

As Fallout: New Vegas sits waiting in my Steam folder, locked but ready to go, I’m once again mentally preparing to explore the post-apocalyptic Wasteland.

Here are of my favourite moments from Fallout 3. What are yours?


About midway through the Broken Steel DLC mini-expansion, I was making my way through an underground network of caverns, and getting a little creeped out by the sound effects. There were deathclaws down here, and those things could kill me with a single blow. Things were getting pretty tense until there was one bit where I thought the end was in sight and started to relax. Suddenly – WHUMP! – something flew at me from above! A freaking dead body had gone flying through the air and landed about two inches from my feet. I barely had time to register it before a deathclaw jumped down about two feet in front of me. I unloaded into it at point-blank range and very luckily managed to bring it down just before it could finish me off. If the heart attack didn’t get me first, that is.


From the beautifully-scripted introduction to the part where we were wandering through the fairylight-filled cave system, I was as wide-eyed and spellbound as a kid in Disneyland.


Just a tiny little moment. I found a subway ticket stub, and then one of the game’s robots marched past. “Tickets, please” it barked, and I wondered for a minute just how cool it would be if it actually inspected my ticket, before dismissing the idea as just too trivial and silly for any developer to bother with. When the robot took my ticket, I was grinning from ear to ear for about an hour.

F*** YOU

Not the graffiti, though that’s pretty funny. I mean the way that right at the crucial moment the game actually lets you choose the dialogue option that you’re thinking at the time. My character, in that situation? Oh, that’s exactly what I’d say, and I got a very distinctive pleasure from saying it. I was also extremely gratified when my noble character had the option of letting the bad guy go free … then changing their mind after the villain had walked ten paces, and shooting him in the back of the head. Well, it’s not like you’d get any special thanks for shooting them in the face.


The DLC I was least looking forward to, Point Lookout, just didn’t really hold much intrinsic appeal, or so I thought. Still, I paid my Microsoft Points and downloaded it, and got to the part where you get on the boat, and again idly mused about how cool it would be if you actually saw the boat travelling on the water. I was expecting a fade-to-black like The Pitt, so was delighted at the little cutscene that followed. Then when I got there, I thought about how cool it would be if you could see the Big Wheel turn …

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