Fallout: New Vegas – the first hour

I can’t be too objective about a game in which my name appears in the credits (for helping out my friends with the rowdy internet rabble). Wait, what do you mean, “My real name?” Even some of my RL friends address me as “Princess”, and I’m not giving you buggers the name on my ID badge – you might stalk me or something! Anyway, since I’m mostly going to be playing New Vegas for the next few days, I thought I’d bring you along for the ride.

So, day one of Fallout: New Vegas. It actually reminds me as much of Borderlands as it does Fallout 3, with its bluer skies and country music. I just did the chargen stage, which was gratifyingly brief and lets you skip any tutorial bits you don’t want to do. I did it anyway, because I think every proper game should start off by asking you to pick flowers in a pretty little part of the countryside (but, uh, watch out for them big mean critters there). The only disappointment so far was that I couldn’t thank the doctor for patching me up if I picked the question about what to do next. I did feel a bit guilty about robbing him blind, though.

Later, in the saloon, the barlady mentioned in passing that her radio was broken. I thought, “I wonder if I can help you with that,” and lo and behold, the option to offer to fix it appeared in the list. I think we’re going to get along just fine.

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