5 Awesome Trailers (from weirdly disappointing films)

Sometimes a trailer is two minutes of perfect entertainment in itself. If the film turns out to be wonderful, we think nothing of it, but if there’s a disparity with the final product, it can prove immensely disappointing. But at least there’s still that excellent trailer to enjoy.

1. Star Trek: Nemesis

The trailer: it’s tense, absorbing, breathtaking, moving and funny. If they’d actually made the film that this trailer depicts, Star Trek wouldn’t have needed a reboot.

The reality: the fact they’d hacked up unrelated lines from the film to make much wittier dialogue in the trailer just added insult to injury.


2. Juno

The trailer: warm, witty, sweet and affecting. No wonder this was nominated for every award going!

The reality: every funny/warm/witty/sweet/affecting line is in the trailer. Juno turns out to be those gems padded out by a lot of very desperate pandering to the hipster crowd while the obnoxious, spiky women and their rather pathetic men wrap their lips awkwardly around the jarring dialogue.


3. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

The trailer: the action-packed climax to Jerry Bruckheimer’s comedy-adventure series comes to a breathless conclusion with our swashbuckling heroes and heroines reminding us exactly why we loved them so much in the first place.

The reality: a plodding, skittering, woefully mishandled finale where pretty much every character does things that character would never do, making us not really care what happens to any of them. There is not a single good moment in the film that isn’t in the trailer.


4. Blank Cheque

The trailer: a viciously hilarious Home Alone-style kiddie comedy. Unfortunately, I can’t actually find the trailer which appeared on the original Beauty & The Beast VHS release, and this abbreviated version isn’t nearly as funny.

The reality: like this recut trailer, bears scant resemblance to the thing that made me laugh so much.


5. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

The trailer: an action-packed swashbuckling adventure where brave men battle on the high seas, romancing lusty maidens and vanquishing their foes in the name of king and glory.

The reality: it’s actually a very good film – it’s just completely missold by the trailer. The film is a gentle, slow-paced and rather old-fashioned tale with not much in the way of “action” in either sense. While the trailer hints at romance with the blushing lady holding the parasol, in the film she appears on-screen for less than a minute!

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