The Men Who Stare At Goats

It’s normally a warning sign when the trailer has you in absolute stitches, because there’s no way the finished product can live up to such lofty expectations. Still, here we were with less than baited breath, watching the “more true than you’d ever believe” story from John Sergeant and quirky investigative journalist Jon Ronson (Them, Secret Rulers of the World).

Once you’ve stopped laughing at the casting of Ewan McGregor in a movie about “Jedi Warriors”, the film is actually highly entertaining for the first two-thirds … and then laugh-out-loud hilarious for the finale.

The absolutely superb performance by Kevin Spacey in a supporting role is really what makes this wonderful, but McGregor, George Clooney and Jeff Bridges are especially engaging in perhaps the only film about goats, psychoactive drugs and Jedi in wartorn Iraq that you’re ever going to see. Robert Patrick has a minor role, proving his ability to add gold-dust to every film he’s in. Very highly recommended.


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