Fallout: New Vegas – Wandering

My enjoyment of Fallout: New Vegas isn’t the passionate love affair that I had with Fallout 3, but it is shaping up to be a beautiful friendship. I played through Fallout 3‘s main quest in a weekend, whereas FO:NV has only taken me halfway through, and I’ve been deferring the main story over the past five or so of the 18 hours I’ve put in, since I want to explore as much of the Mojave Wasteland as I can.

That’s what made me think: 18 hours is a long time to spend on a game. It’s longer than many games’ main quests, but I don’t feel the “oh for heaven’s sake, bloody hurry up and finish!” feeling I get with most games when I play them. FO:NV is contented meandering – it’s an unhurried stroll through a pleasurable landscape. I imagine I’ve got at least another 18 hours to go before I finish, but as the player I get to dictate the pace. I think my first playthrough of Morrowind took about 100 hours; now I can zip through the main quest in a tenth of that. It’s possible to speed-run it in under eight minutes.

Yesterday, I found a pretty hobbit-hole, which got me terribly excited until my girlish squealing was interrupted by horrible plant-mutants that attacked me. Just another crazy day in the Fallout world.

‘Fallout New Vegas’ It’s slow… The load screens take forever.. Too much talking… It froze once.. BUT I CAN”T STOP PLAYING IT!!!! – Ice T [via Twitter]

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