Vampire Diaries – Season 2

I’ve been catching up on season 2 of The Vampire Diaries, and I’m delighted that they’ve maintained the momentum from the first series. This trailer doesn’t really do it justice – makes it look too much like a Charmed-style teen drama, when the reality is closer to something like American Gothic.

The town itself is still the star, as the entwined lives of small-town America face up to supernatural shenanigans. There’s still the mixture of jumpy horror and soapy drama surrounding its too-pretty cast (including the gorgeous Taylor Kinney (Trauma) as new arrival Mason Lockwood). It’s still moodily underlit and full of gasp-worthy plot twists. Ian Somerhalder still owns the show as sultan of snark Damon Salvatore. The difference this time around is that the dialogue is even sharper and funnier, with genuine laugh-out-loud lines; an escalation of the previous season’s quoteworthy quips. Nina Dobrev – who plays Elena – visibly relishes playing her evil doppelganger, vampy Katherine. It will be interesting to see how the writers manage to spin out the love-quadrangle storyline while avoiding cliches and dullness … but it’s something they’ve handled with finesse so far.

If you haven’t ventured to Mystic Falls yet, you’re missing out on what is very probably the best show on TV.