Underground Girl and Underground Guy

The emo duo first appeared on Ronnie Johns Half Hour, an Australian sketch show, in 2005. Played by Jordan Raskopoulos (Axis of Awesome) and Felicity Ward, the black-clad hipsters compete over who can be the most “underground”.

For my own part, I remember switching off Wittgenstein as a Media Studies sixth-former, thinking, “F*** this! I want to watch Die Hard!” and writing my own rule that the first law of art is that it absolutely must entertain. Not all entertainment is easy viewing – American History X, for example, is almost unwatchably horrific – but anything that bores has failed before it’s begun. This is why Commando will always be a better movie than Citizen Kane.

To Underground Girl and Underground Guy, the only value in a piece is its obscurity. This is, of course, complete rubbish: most of the time, the reason something is not popular is because it is s***. Not always, though – there’s plenty of great stuff that is truly “underground” – but let’s face it: Underground Guy is the sort of person who heard Pavement in 1993 and thought he was unique. “It’s not cool to wear a t-shirt that other people think is supposed to be cool.”

These beautifully-observed sketches would have been funny in any year, and are still funny now. Enjoy!






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