The Venture Bros OST

My friend once licked JG Thirlwell. Just grabbed his arm at a concert one time, and had a taste.
“What did it taste like?” was about all I could think to ask.
“Hair and sweat. You’d have loved it.”
Damn. People do some funny things when it comes to the Foetus man.

Another friend – not the one with the FOETUS number plate on his car – once caught the train to Thirlwell’s Brooklyn home (before the area went posh), and was crazy enough to take the 10 minute walk from the station past several burning cars. “Glad you made it,” JGT remarked, unlocking the three padlocks on his six-inch thick metal door. “The last three people who attempted that walk in the previous week got mugged.”

People do some crazy, dumb-assed s*** for JG Thirlwell. I’d been out of the writing game for nine years when I was struck by the sudden, insatiable need to blog about the guy. I spent 10 weeks researching an article that didn’t leave me much the wiser, but at least I found out that a) he’s really nice, b) my somewhat elastic sanity has its uses, and c) I have some really f***ing stupid ideas sometimes.

None of that holds a candle to animator Jackson Publick, though. His friend lent him the Steroid Maximus album Quilombo, and by track 4, Hank and Dean Venture had popped “fully formed before [his] eyes and started running in time to the beat.” Inspired by the Foetus side-project, Publick drafted a script for The Venture Bros in under a week. It took a further two years to get Adult Swim to back it and then convince Thirlwell to score the series, which at that point was well into production. The rest is … well into season 4 at last count.



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