Lykke Li – Get Some (free download)

The ever-dependable Collapse Board introduced me to this little treat today. A note of caution before we proceed: the lyrics are f***ing terrible. I mean, they really are abysmally, offensively bloody awful in an “I’m-as-serious-as-cancer-when-I-tell-you-rhythm-is-a-dancer” sort of way. Utter tosh.

Luckily, the rest of it is as great as the lyrics are bad. Big, pounding drums, jagged Wild West guitars and a beautifully catchy chorus of tuneful but inexpertly-sung vocals. Jerry says it reminds him of The Slits, but I’m thinking Bow Wow Wow. I’ve played it twice in the past five minutes and it won’t be the last time tonight – and, best of all, it’s free! Just sign up to the mailing list and they’ll send you a link for the download.



I did have to laugh my ass off at the comment “This is sexual … Is there a certain age, beyond which I’m not allowed to refer to sex within discussions of music?”, to which I made the following response:

God, I hope not!

I mean, OK, so not everyone needs to know exactly what I’d like to do with [sexy rock star], a rubber chicken and a tub of guacamole, but seriously … everyone’s so bloody uptight these days! Most music writers are drier than a maths lecture in a saltmine.

I still remember reading as a teenager the review in Number One magazine of the Stone Roses at Spike Island and exactly how much the critic wanted to f*** Ian Brown. Shame he looked like a monkey, really, because that review was beautiful.

Clicking through to some of the other tracks, it doesn’t look like the free track’s much representative of her other material, which seems much blander in comparison. However, there’s something very interesting about her voice, which makes me think it’s a good idea to sign up to her mailing list, in any case.


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