I’m going to play every game I own on Steam

Buying more games in the Steam sale, a familiar lament went round the internet: “But I already own more games than I can ever play!”

I decided that, this weekend, I was going to try to play every single game in my Steam collection – so that’s just direct download – even if it was just for a few minutes. Then I need no longer shamefully admit that I have dozens of games that I have never even played for five minutes. Even if I succeed in this experiment, I’ll still have numerous games on the xb0x 360 and PC disc games, but at least one pile of games have been taken out of the proverbial box and played with a little bit.


This was about the second or third time I’ve played the game, so I just zipped through This Corrosion (Sisters of Mercy) and Don’t Stop the Music (Rihanna). My mother rang halfway through the latter, and I couldn’t figure out how to pause the game, so I just had to let my little vehicle crash and then sort it out after she’d hung up. Time played: <15 minutes

Ben There, Dan That!

I got this little indie game for my birthday a year or so ago. I couldn’t get it to load for some reason, and I had forgotten what all the controls do. I’m not sure if it’s that one or the other one (Time Gentlemen, Please) which I’ve played before, but I have put an hour or two into one of them. Time played: 0 minutes

BioShock 2


I was given it as a house-warming present by a friend, and had only spent about half an hour with it until today. The thing that immediately struck me was that it addressed some of my complaints about the first game, namely the lack of variety in world design. The city of Rapture is much more beautiful in its decaying dystopia this time around, and it really is a pleasure to explore. It looks absolutely incredible, and the orchestral soundtrack is just beautiful. Being able to travel outside into the ocean surrounding the underwater city is a novel experience, and the game seems improved in many ways, though it is overall not much different from BioShock. The story hasn’t hooked me in as much as the first one so far, but I’m looking forward to seeing how things have changed since I was last here. Time played: one hour

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth


My first impression is that this is a fun mix of Silent Hill and Thief in its mix of exploring spooky locations and looking for clues. It has some novel ways of depicting terror and insanity through sound and visual effects, as the player-character – a detective with his own Garrett-like voiceover – investigates a Satanic cult who obviously have something to do with a big tentacled beastie. It’s a few years old now, so comes over as quite old-fashioned, but is still solidly entertaining so far. It tries very hard to scare me, though it’s not a patch on BioShock or Dead Space when it comes to giving me nightmares. I had to exit to consult a walkthrough, because it’s one of those games where it’s difficult to judge the parameters of how it wants you to behave. Is it one of those games where the key you have to find is right near the door you have to unlock? Or one of those ones where it will be on the opposite side of the house? I’m certainly minded to continue, so I’m glad I finally tried it out. Time played: 50 minutes

Commander Keen Complete Pack


This cute little ancient dosbox game reminds me a bit of Braid, being an old-fashioned platform jumper game. It doesn’t have any bouncing lions or classical music, but you do spend all your time missing the bit that you’re supposed to be jumping on or over. Fun, but frustrating. Time played: <15 minutes

Counter-Strike: Source


This one reminded me a little of Enemy Territory – I spent my time just running around and getting killed about 24 seconds later. It’s just a standard team-based warzone shooter. I initially tried to find an open server to join, but there didn’t seem to be anyone playing anywhere in the world, so I just played against AI bots, who seemed as impatient as any real-life team would be with such a noob as me. Since I didn’t spend much time doing anything other than dying, I think this will be the first one to get uninstalled. Time played: <15 minutes


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