Things That Look Like Things

Just taking a break from all that gaming to do some Christmas shopping, and I love these:

Rebel Swap Watch
£189.00 from IWOOT

“The Rebel Swap Watch is not only a watch, but a mobile phone (with Bluetooth), a camera, a video player/recorder and MP3 player.”

It’s the Pip-Boy from Fallout!

Etch A Sketch iPad Case
£29.99 from IWOOT

Some clever person has realised that the Etch A Sketch is, in fact, a perfect fit for the iPad, and has basically jammed them together in the form of this ridiculously cool-looking case.

Shame I don’t actually know anyone in the UK who has an iPad. I mean, they are rather silly, but that fully-licensed replica case is cool!

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous: The Foundation Faker
£18.27 from Debenhams

Play up your very best skin with Benefit some kind-a gorgeous… our oil-free “invisible skin finish” that will send your complexion to the top-of-the-charts.

A 3-in-1 compact that looks like a vinyl record!

Vinyl CDs
Around £5 for 4 on Amazon

Some people believe that CDs and MP3s will never replace the warmth and feel of old-style vinyl records, but now there’s a way to bring them right up to date! This recordable CD has the look of an old vinyl record, and comes in a case that’s styled like a 7″ record sleeve, but can store up to 700meg of data, songs or pictures.

I was given the similar (if less beautifully-packaged) Verbatim CD-Rs for my birthday, and they are rather wonderful. The top of the CD is in grooved black plastic to really resemble those old records, but you can use them just like a regular CD-R to back up your MP3 collection.

£3.99 from IWOOT

There are so many occasions when crushing an unreasonably expensive piece of technology in your enraged fist is the only way to truly satisfy your frustrations. Well, instead of giving yourself a minor fracture, why not squeeze the living heck out of a Stressberry? Modelled on the internet-enabled phone of choice for infuriated cityboys everywhere (surely we don’t have to tell you which one?), it’s a design classic that you can pummel, twist, smack, punch and whack against your forehead without causing a single bit of damage. Except maybe to your forehead.

I know several people who would love this.

Henry Mini Desk Vacuum
£9.49 from Amazon

Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner – a friendly and familiar face around the house is now in handy desktop size!

This tiny battery-operated replica of the popular vacuum cleaner is apparently not much good as a dust-buster, but is absurdly cute.

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