G4TV: The Best Video Game Cutscenes of 2010

Good post here by G4TV, showing their favourite cutscenes of 2010.

I have to agree with them re Mass Effect 2 – hands-down my favourite game of the year (though I am enjoying Fallout: New Vegas) – seriously, if you haven’t played either game yet, you can pick them up pretty cheaply so just grab them both and play the hell out of them.

This spoiler-filled cutscene sends shivers down my spine, too. It’s everything – the gorgeous animation, the beautiful music … but most of all it’s knowing that every single action, every decision, every dialogue choice I have made in that game has led up to that moment, and that it could have ended a dozen different ways. This is uniquely my outcome (complete with my custom female Commander Shepard), and I have led my crew through over 30 hours of dangers to get to that point – or more than 60 if you include the first Mass Effect game. The scene captures perfectly the tense emotions and adrenaline rush of the game, and even elicits sympathy at the last for your enemies.

Can’t wait for part three.

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