Hot Fuzz

Just watched Hot Fuzz again. It gets funnier every time I see it. Part of that is because it’s an exceptionally well-observed, if rather unexpected, comedy-thriller, and the rest is because it’s just a little too close to home.

I remember when I arrived here, and how different it all was: the local bobby even tapped his police helmet politely as he cycled past. At one place I worked, a girl from an outlying village regarded coming into the small commuter-belt city – itself about the size of Peckham – as a grand occasion. When another girl said she came from London – just an hour away – the hick girl said breathlessly, “Wow … you’re from the City! What’s it like?”

It’s definitely a film of two halves – gentle rural comedy followed by exhilarating gunfights and explosions – but fans of Simon Pegg will definitely enjoy it and it’s a fun homage to Bad Boys II and buddy action flicks.


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