Hyperbole and a Half – The God of Cake

I am still laughing at this. My friend linked me to this blog yesterday and I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. The neighbours could probably hear me, but I didn’t care: giggles were spluttering out of me in giant wheezy gasps.


*wipes tears from eyes*

This particular post, in words of pictures, is the most perfect depiction of childhood I’ve ever seen. I remember feeling that way, and being that manipulative and mischievous – though I would never have dared to take things to those extremes.


I had to stay focused.
I played vengefully for the rest of the afternoon. All of my toys died horrible deaths at least once. But I never lost sight of my goal.
My mom finally came to get me. She handed me a dress and told me to put it on because we were leaving for the party soon. I put the dress on backwards just to make her life slightly more difficult.
I was herded into the car and strapped securely into my car seat.  As if to taunt me, my mom placed the cake in the passenger seat, just out of my reach.
Read the full story here

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