Top 10 Posts 2010

These aren’t necessarily the ones with the most hits (since 30 March 2010) – though most are.

1 10 Sexiest Nerds

Blimey, you’re a shallow bunch! I wrote this as a bit of light-hearted fluff and it’s had about as many views as every other post put together! Still, if there’s one thing we love here, it’s sexy nerds. Of course, it was controversial when I first put it up: everyone complained that their favourite game developer had been omitted!

2 Fallout New Vegas: The First Hour

Everyone wants to know about Benny. It’s a good game and I’m still enjoying it, but I haven’t blogged about it lately because it would just read “number of radscorpions killed: 15. v good. Paralysed by choice: still not picked a side.”

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Sugar – Hoover Dam

This song has been going around in my head for a while now, through playing too much Fallout: New Vegas.

I was never a Sugar fan. This was, to my mind, the only truly good track on the album, Copper Blue. I never got into Husker Du, and thought that, all in all, Bob Mould was overrated.

This song, though. It’s just exquisite songwriting from start to end. The intriguing reversed start, echoed by the off-kilter guitar solo, and that extremely memorable keyboard hook are what reeled me in. The rousing vocals that are too lazy to be properly anthemic. For all the era’s pretenses of low-budget rebellion, the sound on this is twinkling and pristine, and it’s really just a classic rock song built for driving across the Nevada desert.