Boxhed or Boxhead

This one’s a bit odd because I don’t know where it comes from. I’m not referring to whether to credit JG Thirlwell or Julz Finley for the find, but the actual video itself, since I don’t remember seeing the “boxhed” street art meme before today. (Then again, you don’t get much graffiti out in the rural Fens.)

Whether it turns out to be a fascinating snapshot of a cultural phenomenon or a cleverly-made advert, the Boxhed video is beautifully edited. It works pretty well as (an ostensibly fan-made) Foetus video, too.


One comment on “Boxhed or Boxhead

  1. I agree. Its one of the few fan-made things that doesn’t make me want to gag! I’ve seen the Boxhed stickers in various places (not too common anymore) — it mostly reminds me of those “OBEY” stickers. Its reminiscent of that film “They Live” in a lot of ways.

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