Paris Suit Yourself – Craig Machinsky


That’s the sensation I get from the first few seconds of Paris Suit Yourself – a jolt that causes me to completely forget what I’m doing and rush to find out more.

I’m fresh out of the car, suitcase still packed, decked in travel-filthy clothes and catching up on messages. A note from Everett True to get in touch prompts me to head on over to Collapse Board and check out the Songs of the Day I’ve missed, while I’m reading through th-

F*** me, this is a good song!

You know, I shouldn’t just keep reblogging stuff from Collapse Board, but if this blog is supposed to document the stuff I’m excited about, then to ignore this would be … a lie.

The music is a jazzy, slinky, energising thing with bounding but understated bassline. It’s cool without trying too hard. It’s a very contemporary version of what we used to call “trip hop” – timeless, ageless, and instantly likeable. If you ever had a fondness for Tricky, Massive Attack et al, click on the link now.

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