I once had a Twinkie for breakfast every day for a week. We don’t get Twinkies in this country, so my friend posted some over, and I started each day with a sugar rush. If I thought the Twinkie’s days on this earth were numbered, I’d probably shoot up some zombies in search of the stuff, but I’m not sure that I’d actually risk my life for the gooey confection.

Woody Harrelson has as much a strange relationship with food as his Twinkie-obsessed character does in Zombieland: he accepted the role on four conditions, of which one required that the director not eat dairy products for a week – a task which Fleischer described was “like for an alcoholic not to drink”. He ended up on a vegan diet for 11 months. I think my vegan phase lasted about three days.

I got Zombieland on DVD for Christmas, and can genuinely recommend it. It’s basically Left 4 Dead: the movie, featuring Harrelson, Emma Stone, and that bloke from the Facebook movie. Eisenberg is hitching a ride to his hometown, and Harrelson is on a quest for the world’s last Twinkie. They meet sulky Stone and her little sister along the way, who were en route to a mythically zombie-free theme park before the (literal) ankle-biters attacked.

Zombieland‘s pretty funny, but not painfully so: a film that will have you smiling all the way through and laughing out loud sometimes. If you like theme parks and zombies – so that’s everyone, right? – you’ll find this very entertaining.

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