Doctor Who

I must admit, I’ve not really been following Doctor Who. I mean, I know I should. I missed Blink, and probably a dozen other memorable episodes too, but somehow, when it really comes down to it, I always have something more pressing going on.

Doctor Who is something I associate with my childhood – something we had on in the background while we sipped tea and ate homemade scones fresh from the oven.

I’ve seen the first Matt Smith episode, and introducing Amy Pond. Some people didn’t like gorgeous redhead Amy Pond because she’s too sexy, which to my mind is a lot like hating Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food for being too chocolatety. Either way, I’ve not seen seen either her or Matt Smith at their best.

I wouldn’t say that the Christmas Special is either at their best, because I haven’t seen it, but I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. The special was everything that is good about Doctor Who – that sense of wonder and magic and adventure – that frees us from the cynicism of the modern age. It’s funny and tense and intriguing and has that genuine sense of magic and wonder that I’ve not felt since I was a child.

I hope they make more like it.

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