Happy New Year!

Like many little girls, I had piano lessons as a child, and reached an acceptable if not exceptional standard – perhaps the story of my life – before I lost interest and picked up the guitar instead. (I never excelled at that, either.)

I had a few sheet music books – Pink Floyd, a mixed songbook with The Beatles and a few others, and of course Tori Amos, since she was synonymous with “piano” when I was in my teens. Cornflake Girl was too hard for me, but Pretty Good Year was fairly easy, and a great way to round off any year. It’s also a fine tune, so here is Tori playing it on Top of the Pops:

I couldn’t think of any other great New Year’s songs (no, I’m not going to link to U2, or that obscene Blowfly track Julz linked to!) so I asked around and my pal Damin mentioned The The. I don’t know much about them beyond The Beat(en) Generation, and that singer Matt Johnson is best buddies with JG Thirlwell (which I thought was an odd combination, since I associate The The with catchy but fairly bland pop songs). Never been much of a fan, at any rate.

So Damin links to this The The tune –  I’ve Been Waiting for Tomorrow (All of My Life) – and guess what? It’s actually really good! He tells me the lyrics are “Another year over and what have I done? All my aspirations have shriveled in the sun.” Good enough for me, and it’s an enjoyable track:


Well, if you’re going to get that tenuous, then you might as well include Pink Floyd’s Time, which I just seem to understand that little bit more with every passing year.

Whatever you’re listening to, I wish you all the best for 2011: may it bring you all your happy dreams, and may you leave it a happier person than when you went in.


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