Renegade Soundwave – Murder Music

There’s something about that genre-spanning British crossover music that feels more brutally authentic than the PVC-clad posturing of those bands who woke up in the late 1980s and figured they’d make that “industrial” music that everyone was banging on (pots and pans) about. I suppose it’s because they weren’t smug in the assurance that people who liked that sort of music would automatically like them, so they had to write songs that were good all the way through.

I’m not even sure how I first heard this, though I know that Murder Music was on one of those Select Red Tape covermounts. I loved this from the first moment I heard it, and it still sounds fantastic.

The particular Red Tape on which they found themselves was the Mute edition, when being on Mute was as much a guarantee of excellence as being on Creation or 4AD. Renegade Soundwave were the other band – the one that wasn’t Nitzer Ebb – though Doug McCarthy’s lot still garner a glimmer of recognition, while RSW are long forgotten.

Gary Asquith now runs the le coq musique record label, Danny Briottet is a producer and soundtrack composer, and both are still putting out their own music via a range of collaborative projects.


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