Disney’s Fantasia – the best bits

I was just flicking through clips on YouTube and really enjoying some of the sounds of my childhood, courtesy of a cartoon mouse with a really f***ed up idea of what ‘toons should go with which tune.

Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring was a literal riot when it came out: apparently it spawned the first mosh pit or something *cough*. Anyway, it kicks so much ass that a number of my favourite rock acts have been sampling the s*** out of it ever since.

So what does the House of Mouse do? Stick this 1913 slab of badassery to a visual of dinosaurs – because nothing is as cool as dinosaurs, right? Dinosaurs … um … dying in agony.

I was knee-high to a grasshopper when I saw Fantasia, and shared the opinion of most of my classmates that classical music was “really boring”. This bit … oh, this bit I loved! You basically can’t get into this without developing more than a passing affinity for heavy metal.

On the other hand, this not-heavy piece of classical (technically, “romantic”) music wasn’t even a tiny bit boring. I will forever associate this with Christmas: it’s music as pure, sparkling confection.

Good grief! That rodent really wants Stravinsky to spin in his grave! Then again, that animation is superb – it has a very modern, almost anime-ish style, but retains that classic Disney enchantment. This clip is from Fantasia 2000, which I haven’t seen – though on the basis of that hauntingly beautiful animation, I think I should take a look.


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