Millionaire – Come With You

The first thing Him Indoors said on hearing this was that Millionaire would never get anywhere because they were too weird. I’d just say they’re too Belgian.

There’s something about Belgian indie rock that’s indelible. Music that’s both familiar and strange, like that made by an alien who’s studied Western music but never quite grokked it. Belgian rock is almost always good, though most of the other examples I’ve heard have either been members of dEUS or linked to dEUS.

Lo and behold! Millionaire was formed in 1999 by ex-dEUS and Evil Superstars guitarist Tim Vanhamel. They ended up supporting Queens of the Stone Age, Muse and Foo Fighters, but still never quite broke into the collective consciousness. The collective is missing out.

I can’t find a decent video of I’m On A High, one of my favourite tracks by them (though you can hear it here), so instead I’ll play you Champagne – also from Outside The Simian Flock – a track that seems pedestrian at first, but even after many years, I’ve never quite tired of it.

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