Fallout: New Vegas – Choosing Sides

I’ve stayed away from the Mojave Wasteland for the past few weeks because I’ve been deciding my options. I think I’ve decided (if that makes any sense) to try to remain as friendly as possible with all factions except Caesar’s Legion, who will be my targets for destruction. I’ll need all the help I can get – if I can elicit some from NCR, the Boomers and the Great Khans, I’ll need it – but I’ve already made enemies of the Powder Gangers and the NCR’s disposition towards me is decidedly mixed.

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I’ve got my head turned away so nobody can see the tears rolling down my cheeks. A shy little boy has met fellow adventure enthusiast Ellie, and dreamt of following in the footsteps of explorer Charles F Muntz in South America. Carl has married Ellie, held her as she cried because they couldn’t have children, and grown old with her. Year by year, their dreams to visit Paradise Falls have faded. Finally a widower, Carl is an elderly curmudgeon.

It’s about ten minutes into the film, and I’m devastated. I’ve also laughed out loud twice already.

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