Fallout: New Vegas – Choosing Sides

I’ve stayed away from the Mojave Wasteland for the past few weeks because I’ve been deciding my options. I think I’ve decided (if that makes any sense) to try to remain as friendly as possible with all factions except Caesar’s Legion, who will be my targets for destruction. I’ll need all the help I can get – if I can elicit some from NCR, the Boomers and the Great Khans, I’ll need it – but I’ve already made enemies of the Powder Gangers and the NCR’s disposition towards me is decidedly mixed.

The hard decision is how far to help the Boomers, towards whom I hold a great deal of affection, but I am deeply suspicious of their attitudes to the other Wasteland dwellers. If I help them too much, will they try to eliminate the other factions of Nevada? On the other hand, can I afford not to help them? Defeating Caesar’s Legion will not be easy, and I have a feeling I’ll need their superior technology.

The other thing keeping me apart from the Wasteland is quest fatigue: because everyone I talk to has a quest for me, I become reluctant to ask anyone for anything. Sure, I’ll help you collect on your debt. Hey, lady, you owe this casino 200 caps. You can’t pay? You want me to go and find some trinket you lost so that you can pay off your debts? Hey, lady, do I look like a detective? I don’t care about your problems! Find your own damn toy! (She runs off, sobbing, after paying up.) OK, so maybe I care just a little more than I thought I did, because now I feel guilty … meh, but not that guilty.

Just enough to help the next guy.

As always, I’ve become too reliant on Veronica for company and advice. Felicia Day’s superb vocal performance makes her a constantly engaging companion, who is just plain fun to have around. (She’s depicted above using my own Cuter Veronica mod.)

Fallout: New Vegas feels like a climbdown after Fallout 3: I’m less attached to the world and to the people in it. I don’t care a great deal who lives and dies, and find most things rather unengaging. I’m only mildly curious to see how it ends. All that said, I prefer it to almost every other game at the moment, and can happily spend hours with it at a time. I suppose it’s like Dragon Age: Origins that way – I’m frustrated playing it but play it anyway. You can’t hate something and willingly spend three hours at a time on it without noticing the time pass.

My principal frustration at the moment is the legendary bugs – crashes more than expected, though not more than is unreasonable. It’s annoying, but it won’t stop me playing.

My aim is to unite the other factions against Caesar’s Legion, and avoid giving too much power to either NCR (who would subject America to martial law) or the Boomers (who would just bomb the hell out of it). That inevitably means siding with Mr House, who I don’t trust, but when the status quo broadly works, it’s probably the bet to lay your chips on.

2 comments on “Fallout: New Vegas – Choosing Sides

  1. I also have problems continuing the game. I’m idol to Boomers (they are very cute), liked (and a Brother of them) by B of Steel due to Fallout 3 nostalgia, liked by NCR, accepted by Followers, liked by a few towns. Only the Power Gangers hate me.
    I think I reached a point in the game where I’m afraid to continue any quest because it might ruin the relationships with other sides.
    What to do? What to do? I already did a small test and destroyed Legion’s Fort and killed Caesar and gave Mr. House his upgraded army from the vault. What an ugly outcome that was.

    • Make lots of saves so you can go back and fix anything you’re unhappy with – or just see how it could have turned out differently

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