Trending Topics: The Longest Tunes In My iTunes Library

Not sure if this topic is actually trending yet, but it should be! (Thanks, ET) It’s not based on all the songs in my collection, just the ones I have to hand. One song from each featured band (so it’s not just a list of Pink Floyd songs):

Sufjan Stevens – Impossible Soul (25:34)
Like Echoes, it’s like an album’s-worth of songs in one.

Pink Floyd – Echoes (16:31)
I still go absolutely weak at the knees watching that!

Foetus – Negative Energy (15:56)
This was an excuse to make time for something that normally sits there unplayed because it’s basically a horrid racket that you reeeeally have to be in the mood for. Like Rufus in Bill & Ted would have said, Foetus gets better. Gotta love them drums, though.

Pig – Inside (14:01)
I never really connected with Genuine American Monster, and thus have only heard this about twice, maybe 10 years ago. This seems pleasant enough – perhaps I should dig it out for a better listen.

Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion (10:55)
I think by this stage we can officially establish that I will never, ever, ever tire of this song. Why do I fancy Andrew Eldritch? So wrong! So wrong!

Ministry – End of Days pt 2 (10:25)
I’ve only listened to The Last Sucker about twice. It’s the industrial-rock equivalent of a Jerry Bruckheimer action flick. It does what it does

Cardiacs – Nurses Whispering Verses (9:54)
… whereas this is the equivalent of a Chris Nolan film: head-bendy but accessible, beautiful and exhilarating.

Einstürzende Neubauten – Redukt (9:43)
I love this song.

Nine Inch Nails – Wish (remix) (9:09)
hurhurhurhurrrhurrrh you said fistf***! *cough* Great song, anyway …

Levitation – King of Mice (8:36)

Something of a holy grail among fans of British psychedelia, the unreleased album Meanwhile Gardens has been circulating in tape trading circles since 1994. My own white-label copy (surreptitiously passed on by someone connected to the band) has long since been chewed up by a malevolent cassette deck, but luckily someone on the internet was willing to help out on the proviso that I’d buy it if it was ever released. This is what it sounds like, anyway. [link]

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