Somewhat topical: Fatima Mansions – Blues for Ceausescu

While it would be crass to say very much on the situations in Egypt and Tunisia, I am irrepressibly reminded of the fall of Communism in Europe in 1989, and the tremendous confusion, awe, excitement and fear that the news each day would bring. You could wake up each day in a different world to the one you went to sleep in. Nicolae Ceauşescu was the Romanian dictator who was publicly executed on Christmas Day in 1989, just a few weeks after the Berlin Wall came down.

(It should, of course, go without saying that my heart goes out to anyone caught in these conflicts, and my best hopes for peaceful resolution – or peaceful revolution – as destiny should see fit.)

These events inspired a number of songs, including this awesome track from 1990. Fatima Mansions were the Cork band formed by Microdisney’s Cathal Coughlan, and released six albums between 1988 and 1994.