Fallout: New Vegas – The Enemy of My Enemy

I’m still in a predicament. I don’t really like Mr House. I mean, the guy’s a mobster, who was somewhat responsible for my Near Death Experience, and is certainly not going to rule New Vegas from a position of kind-hearted benevolence.


Caesar’s Legion are totalitarians, NCR would impose martial law and I don’t trust the others as far as I could throw them.

Neither do I trust Mr House.

Then again, so long as he stands to make a profit, he’s unlikely to actively seek trouble.

Thus we arrive at the position of most of the real-life world: given the choice between a system that tries to impose a moral will, and one that generally leaves them alone, they’ll usually opt for the latter.

I’m in pretty good standing with most groups except Caesar’s Legion (who are after my blood) and the NCR, whose disposition towards me is decidedly mixed. I’ve joined the Kings and am always accompanied by my Brotherhood of Steel companion, Veronica (ably portrayed by The Guild‘s Felicia Day).

Perhaps I should have encouraged her to go for leadership of the Brotherhood, since she’s clearly unhappy with the current management, but I’m just not really sure that she has the qualities of leadership. She makes a great second-in-command, but she’s hardly Commander Shepard.

As it turned out, we got into a scuffle but are reasonably sure it’s not going to get her into any trouble. Either way, we decided the best way was to head for The Strip as soon as possible and get lost in the crowds.

Mr House now has the Platinum Chip and I’m a little worried about that, but at least Caesar doesn’t have it. He wants me to check into the Omertas, which my limited knowledge of gangster lore tells me must be an old crime gang of Sicilian origin.

I’m not sure how this whole thing is going to pan out – or even if I’ve made the right decision – but if this game has taught me anything, it’s that there never was a right decision to start with.

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