Underexploited Blog Ideas #24: Musicians With Kitty Litter

Rule 49. If it exists, there’s a blog for it. Occasionally, one gets missed …

This was a real conversation I had with a friend last night, who I’ll call ConspiracyTheorist for the purpose of this post.

Princess Stomper: Where’s that from?
ConspiracyTheorist: Someone linked it on the Foetus forums
ConspiracyTheorist: It has to be a joke.  Notice he’s wearing black shoes!
Princess Stomper: But he has a cat and that needs … littering

Princess Stomper: Arm and Hammer cat litter. For his cat.

ConspiracyTheorist: I would’ve thought that,
ConspiracyTheorist: but I’ve never seen the kitty litter brand
Princess Stomper: You can just make out a cat on the side of the box
ConspiracyTheorist: It definitely is a joke!

ConspiracyTheorist: Someone on the forum said he’s probably making a joke over that.

[someone on the forum: It looks like JG might be taking the piss outta this shot… maybe ?]

ConspiracyTheorist: I thought you’d be amused by the picture
Princess Stomper: but Danzig’s whole thing is “why does anyone give a f*** that I am buying kitty litter for my cat”?


[Glenn Danzig: Hey, you know what, why do people even care? Why are they wasting their lives on this? (laughs)]

Princess Stomper: Oh. Well, I appreciate you bringing it to my attention 😀
ConspiracyTheorist: I think the joke is over the fact that people are making a “deal” out of it
Princess Stomper: Eh, I’m lost 🙂
Princess Stomper: It’s like celebrity pics of people shopping. Who cares? Celebrities eating!
ConspiracyTheorist: It’s a parody photo
Princess Stomper: Seriously, someone wants to show me a pic of JGT eating, and I’d be like … um … why are you showing me this?

ConspiracyTheorist: either way, I thought the orange looked ridiculous too but I interpreted it as intentional
Princess Stomper: have you seen the paisley pic? That’s way worse

GT by Seze Devres 2008 - cute pic of him, though

Princess Stomper: It’s weird – you’d think he’d be an Autumn with that colouring, but I think he’s a Winter
ConspiracyTheorist: don’t talk fashion with me, I barely know how to dress myself
Princess Stomper: http://news.spring3d.net/news

Nice to see long time friend Jim Thirlwell visiting Spring – with orange crush T shirt and super scoop suitcase I couldn’t resist a photo against the new ‘Albers’ wall. Check out his excellent new release Manorexia and upcoming performance of Steroid Maximus in Prospect Park on June 18th

ConspiracyTheorist: amusing coincidence then
Princess Stomper: yup. Has cat. Will litter
ConspiracyTheorist: musicianswithkittylitter.com
Princess Stomper: You need to start a blog.

Not enough kitteh? Check out Musicians With Cats. Yes, it exists.

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