Sushi Cat 2

While mischievously claiming that Armor Games were developing a fictitious Elder Scrolls title might not have been the best idea (simply through how many people believed it!), the April Fool’s prank didn’t stem from any lack of respect for the casual game studio.

On the contrary, I really, really enjoyed Sushi Cat! The blend of Peggle-style gameplay with surreal Japanese humour and great music (for a lo-fi game) really appealed, and luckily they’ve replicated it with the even better Sushi Cat 2.

Again, the little kitty has to get big for a number of tasks in order to reunite him with his lost love, and you have to feed him up by dropping him with a pair of chopsticks and hoping he can bounce his way through a maze of sushi (complete with “nom nom” captions as he chomps his way through the level). It feels like 50% luck as you try to work out where to strategically place the starting point to give him the best chance of achieving Full Belly.

This time, however, the fat feline can pick up power-ups along the way – again, just like Peggle. There are pinball-style flippers, “bombs” to explode hard-to-reach pieces, and extra cats to be won.

You can zip your way through the levels quite quickly, but the last couple of levels are satisfyingly challenging. The game is fun and engaging throughout, with particularly good music by Dave Cowen from level 18 onwards.

Sushi Cat is free to play online, or you can check out the app store for mobile play. It’s really good fun: I recommend it.



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