#musicmonday – Slipknot, and other quirky metal

We were arguing about music generally, and then J linked me to a band he’d been listening to recently called Mastodon. This isn’t the actual song he linked to, but I think this otherwise fairly generic metal song does have some interesting bits, and I’d stand to hear more.

He then linked me to Baroness, who I’ve even less heard of, and is well outside my “comfort zone” when it comes to music. It’s quite weird in that it has a sort of Killing Joke-y, shouty vocal over what sounds to me like a very 80s metal sound with lots of flanged guitars and a fair dose of prog. Perhaps Him Indoors would like it.

By way of revenge, I inflicted two rather wonderful songs by Slipknot on him. He had to concede that, yes, those songs are rather wonderful. I told him that I supposed he’d assumed that because they were popular they were “automatically dumb and crap”. He did admit that the masks put him unfavourably in mind of ICP. *shudder*

Dead Memories actually reminds me a little of Killing Joke. It’s very poppy.

Then to prove they hadn’t gone entirely soft, I played him Butcher’s Hook – a corkscrew corker from All Hope Is Gone – a proggy stop-starter using the trademark growl/sing vocal style people more normally associate with the band. It’s by no means the strongest track on the (very good) album, but it’s one I was in the mood to hear.

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