Five seconds from every number one ever

There’s no trick to this – Soundcloud have, in two parts, uploaded five seconds from every chart-topping song in the history of number ones! Found via Buzzfeed.

Notes: it only seems to go up as far as 1992, which is disappointing – but it’s interesting to see how many songs I recognised, right from the 1950s. As I recall, the UK charts started in 1952, though this seems to be based on the US charts.

There were a few noticeably missing tracks from the UK’s list of number ones – such as Another Brick in the Wall pt 2, which was the Christmas number one of 1979 (and one of the first songs I remember) – but the striking thing is how often the US and UK have had the same hits – at least 90% of the songs would be familiar to UK audiences.


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