3 greatest made up songs ever

I’ve just been reminded by KnowYourMeme.com that it’s been three years since brave Valentina Hasan sang her way into our hearts with that all-time classic “Ken Lee“.

Don’t know the song? Sure you do!

The words the 29 year-old Bulgarian Idol contestant sang are:

No one ken to ken to sivmen
nor yon clees toju maliveh
When i gez aju zavateh na nalechoo more
new yonooz tonigh molinigh
Yon sorra shooo
yes ee shooo, ooo
Ken leee
tulibu dibu douchoo
Ken Lee,
Ken lee meju more
Ken Lee
tulibu dibu douchoo
Ken Lee,
Ken lee meju more

To their credit (and after a few million Youtube hits), Idol invited her back on the show – after a few lessons in English, but alas, no vocal training:

Unfortunately, she had a rival in the form of Indonesia’s Dayadiarmon, whose version of Linkin Park’s NUMB was even more awful – although his take on the language was a little closer to the desired result.

None of that can hold a torch to Italian singer Adriano Celentano, who just made up a language in 1972 to roughly sound like English. This song is genuinely brilliant – and at least the guy can sing!

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