6 of the Best Misheard Lyrics

If yesterday’s link to that wonderful Adriano Celentano song was not enough, Youtube user godelnahaleth has “translated” the nonsensical song into real English – without any attempt to understand what he was singing before. I’m pretty sure my mother does that most of the time – her (unintentionally) misheard lyrics drive me nuts!


This isn’t Soramimi – (空耳, “mishearing; (feigned) deafness”) or Soramimi kashi (空耳歌詞, misheard lyrics) – since that involves changing something that makes sense in one language into something that makes sense in another language.

Homophonic translation makes no such attempt to link the meaning of the original text to the new text – and the more nonsensical the outcome, the funnier. This is known as a “mondegreen”, after Harper’s writer Sylvia Wright mistook the poetic line “laid him on the green” for “Lady Mondegreen”.

In Germany, misheard lyrics games are called “Agathe Bauer”, because I Got The Power by Snap sounds like the name “Agathe Bauer”.

Sex On Fire

Bad Romance

(Does that mean I can stop hearing “When you’re in Morrowind/Oh baby you’re sick?”)

Enter Sandman

“Tape my hen!”

Come On Eileen

“I wanna stick and slap your folder!”

By far the greatest example of a mondegreen is the clip uploaded by ianhawdon of Joe Cocker, which has helpful pictures to illustrate the misheard lyrics, and may very well be the best video clip on the internet.

With A Little Help From My Friends

“Oh, hey hen, I’m going to pat all eggs.”
(What is it with hens?)

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