Stravinsky Song of the Day: Foetus – Anxiety Attack

No prizes for guessing which part is the Rite of Spring sample – it’s the first minute or so of the song, and runs through most of the rest of it, too. Once it gets going, Anxiety Attack is a superb disco rock track and one of Foetus’s most underrated. It’s a very catchy song with good use of those samples – the way it loops particularly makes clear which part the Jaws theme ripped off.

Yes, I know I blog about Foetus more than any other artist, but they’re also the most-read posts so I’m guessing you’re in agreement here: these are great songs. Anxiety Attack was originally an unreleased Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel song that was eventually featured on 1989’s compilation SINK. I can see why it wasn’t used, since it doesn’t really fit in with HOLE or NAIL – it’s got the raw groove of Finely Honed Machine, but the ear-friendly cohesion of Butterfly Potion, and his voice also echoes the latter with its whiskey-and-cigarettes gravelly drawl.

It’s what I used to think of as “industrial” – the precursor to Psalm 69-era Ministry and those other Wax Trax bands. Most of all, it’s manically, maddeningly funky. I’d have loved to have danced to this, back in the day. Who knows? Maybe I did.

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