One of the most buzzed-about bands at SXSW this year, LA’s Glasser is actually Cameron Mesirow, the daughter of one of the Blue Man Group and a 70s New Wave chanteuse. The stylish, sophisticated electronica with its strong, haunting vocals has invited comparisons with Bat For Lashes, Goldfrapp and Björk, though I’d also throw the Cocteau Twins and Pram into this mix. Signed to hip label True Panther, Glasser’s album Ring was described by the BBC as “a wide-eyed, tribal, multi-textured menagerie of a record”.





The unorthodox instrumentation and pulsating rhythms are in themselves pretty interesting, but the structures and approach is not quite like anything else out there, which makes Glasser one of the most pleasing finds in a while. The synth strings and marimba on Home and minimal multilayered-vocals-and-percussion treatments of Apply and Tremel are particularly memorable.



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