#musicmonday: One year of Reinspiration


As we approach the first anniversary of Reinspired, here are some of my favourite tunes I’ve talked about here – one for each month we’ve been going.



1 Foetus – Time Marches On

“This is like some kind of demented, epic pop song” – YouTube user Akatosh36


2 Battles – Atlas

“It’s the term reviewers use when they just don’t know what the f*** is going on.”


3 Janelle Monae – Many Moons

“Owes as much to Fritz Lang and Philip K Dick as it does to Funkadelic and James Brown. It’s orchestral rhythm-and-blues in the classic Motown sense, but at the same time contemporary, pulling threads from a diverse range of influences”


4 Stellamara – Strumica

“Even if you just thought that Liz Fraser’s elven singing in LOTR: The Two Towers was quite pretty, and tapped your toe a bit to the Rome soundtrack, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here. Seven Valleys is (other)world music for rock tourists”


5 Sufjan Stevens – Get Real Get Right

“It’s electro-pop informed by minimalist academics, infused with the twinkling orchestral flourishes of late-19th century fantasy classical. It has the wall-of-sound brass of Motown and playful, intricate percussion. It’s the most easy-listening sort of brain-meltingly ambitious music that I’ve heard”


6 Pig – Fountain of Miracles

“Layers of percussion as twisted and funky as Head Like A Hole, wonderful little grating sub-bassy bits, orchestral bits, catchy guitars and those unforgettable gospelly vocals”


7 Warpaint – Elephants

“a lot like Lush, the Breeders and the Cocteau Twins during their better moments”


8 Buke & Gass – Sleep Gets Your Ghost

“It sounds like Belly having a breakdown. A lot of bands do the DIY thing. Buke and Gass make their own instruments”


9 Gwen Stefani – Early Winter

“It’s co-written by Tim Rice-Oxley from Keane, which just goes to show that insipid, sappy ballads by indie bands sound pretty good when sung by quirky pop singers”


10 Killing Joke – Pandemonium

Pandemonium is the crushing riffs of The Black Album mixed with the Middle Eastern intrigue of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir


11 Lykke Li – Get Some

“The rest of it is as great as the lyrics are bad. Big, pounding drums, jagged Wild West guitars and a beautifully catchy chorus of tuneful but inexpertly-sung vocals”


12 Cardiacs – Wireless

“That insistent looping piano riff and oddly metallic clanging that jitters its way through the whole track like one of Einstuerzende Neubauten got lost on the way to the fairground repeats endlessly until you are thoroughly hypnotised”




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