The Best April Fool’s Jokes 2011

As you’ll have seen from yesterday’s post, the first of April holiday is one I take very seriously. A good joke must be – of course – funny, but also entirely harmless. It must be almost plausible enough to have you going for a minute or two, but silly enough so that even a moment’s reflection reveals it to be a hoax. It must be inventive, charming, and utterly absurd.

Here are some of yesterday’s more successful prankings:

Youtube: Top viral videos of 1911

Gmail Motion

StarCraft gets Kinect Support

Google Autocomplete


Might & Magic Heroes VI


The SunPolice quiz boy aged 13 over assault with marshmallow


Playmobil Apple Store toy

Starbucks Mobile Pour service


Guild Wars 2 “Commando trailer”


Duke Nukem Forever “Jetpack trailer”


And if that’s not enough, has produced a cute infographic showing the best of yesterday’s pranks. As always, click on the image to enlarge.

AprilFools2011 infographic from


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