The Oatmeal

I was reminded of one of my favourite web comics today. One of The Oatmeal’s many gems is a strip called How My Handwriting Has Changed Since Kindergarten.

It struck home because I’d recently sent a friend a CD and enclosed a handwritten note, and realised that I wrote so little these days that my hand was starting to cramp up penning just those few lines! Writing more than a post-it note’s worth had become a strange and gruelling experience.

This is why.



So true!

The What It’s Like To Own An Apple Product strip is priceless, too.

I also particularly love the 10 Reasons To Avoid Talking On The Phone. I really hate telephones. Sure, it’s nice just occasionally to hear the voice of a loved one, but most of the time it’s a giant pain in the posterior. There really isn’t a convenient time to call me. Ever. Whoever is unlucky enough to phone me is always greeted with the sound of someone irritated by the mere existence of your phone call, so whatever question you were going to ask me is usually answered with “no”.

Whatever it is, no. No because I was just running a bath. No, because I can hear dinner burning. No, because I was just at the plot-twist-reveal moment in the movie. No, because I was washing my hair. No, because somebody was just telling me something a lot funnier and more important than what you have to say and you have just interrupted them.

Emails, see, can be answered at any time. They can be read at leisure and responded to at leisure. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the bath and someone emails you – just go on and enjoy your relaxing soak, it can wait. The email doesn’t care if someone’s telling you something funny – it can wait its turn. The email doesn’t wake you when you’re sleeping or mind if you’ve gone out. And when you write back, you can respond whether or not the person calling you is cooking a meal or mid-shag or trying to assemble a piece of Ikea furniture.

See how it works?

So, yes. I’m a fan of email. Probably explains why my handwriting is so screwy.

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